Comcast rises to the third largest IPv6 deployment worldwide

The Internet Society has recently published information indicating that Comcast has now risen to be the third largest IPv6 deployment worldwide.  We can confirm, absolutely, that over 10% and growing of Comcast's residential broadband customers are actively using IPv6 enabled broadband.  The graph below, taken from the ISOC's World IPv6 Launch measurement site, illustrates the recent growth of our IPv6 deployment.  While we are pleased with our recent growth we have additional deployment plans for the balance of 2013 and into 2014 that will bring native, dual stack enabled broadband to even more of our customers.

Comcast on the move

IPv6 deployed in Arizona and Utah

We are pleased to announce that native, dual stack enabled broadband has now been deployed in areas served by Comcast across Arizona and Utah.  Enabling dual stack broadband for customers in these areas adds to our extensive IPv6 deployment.  As expected we have seen a significant increase in IPv6 utilization across Comcast's broadband network.  The notable growth of Comcast's deployment was also recently mentioned on the ISOC's World IPv6 Launch site.

IPv6 deployment continues in Oregon and Washington

Comcast's deployment of IPv6 support continues to expand, at this time we are pleased to report that nearly 10% (and growing) of Comcast customer's are actively provisioned with dual stack enabled broadband!  This represents nearly ten times growth compared to the same period in 2012.

This is in part thanks to the recent expansion of IPv6 support in the northwestern areas of the country that Comcast serves.  During the week of July 29th, 2013 IPv6 support was deployed to all areas of Oregon and the following areas of southwest Washington state - Vancouver Clark County, Washougal, Camas, La Center, Battleground, Ridgefield, Longview, Cowlitz County, Kelso, Castle Rock, Kalama, Woodland.

Comcast remains committed to the seamless deployment of IPv6, please check back frequently for updates.

IPv6 support launched for the Arris Touchstone Telephony Wireless Gateways

Comcast is pleased to announce that on on July 26th, 2013 we launched IPv6 support for two device models that are widely used by our customers, specifically the Arris Touchstone Telephony Wireless Gateway Modem TG852G (NCS) and the Arris Touchstone Telephony Wireless Gateway Modem TG862G (NCS).  Comcast's customers who live in areas where we have deployed support for IPv6 across our broadband network and that are using one of the devices above will seamlessly be enabled with dual stack support.  We have worked closely with the ARRIS Group, Inc. to develop the support for IPv6 that will be used by millions of Comcast customers nationwide.

Business Internet IPv6 trials have begun

We are pleased to announce that Comcast Business Internet IPv6 trials have begun in the following states - Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  Comcast Business Internet customers in each of these states have recently received a trial kit that allows them to be some of the first customers to test Comcast Business Internet with native dual stack support!  Please stay tuned as we will be expanding our Business Internet IPv6 trials.  For more information about the trials and to submit a request to participate please follow this link.

Expansion of native IPv6 in Oregon

Comcast is pleased to announce the expansion of residential IPv6 support in Oregon!  Native IPv6 residential broadband trials now include customers in or near the following cities in Oregon - Salem, Keizer, Amity, McMinnville, Newberg, Dundee, Dayton, Lafayette, Carlton, and Yamhill.

Want to know if Comcast has deployed IPv6 in your area?

Many Comcast customers contact us each day asking if IPv6 support has been deployed in their area.  We do our best to reply to each and every request in a timely manner.  However, we feel that our customers would be better served if they could determine this on demand.  To make this easier and faster for our customers we developed a new feature for the Comcast IPv6 Information Center that automatically detects and reports to the site visitor if IPv6 has been deployed.  The status of IPv6 for the visitor is displayed at the top of the Comcast IPv6 Information Center main page.

The following is an example where IPv6 is deployed and in use


The following is an example where IPv6 is deployed and is not yet being used:


Please note the above images are examples, the actual information you receive back will be specific to your area, the capabilities of your device, and network.


Native IPv6 enabled for residential broadband in Oregon

Comcast is excited to announce that we have expanded our native IPv6 residential broadband trials to include customers in or near the following cities in Oregon - Eugene, Springfield, Junction City and Harrisburg.  This is a significant accomplishment for IPv6 at Comcast as we are now expanding our IPv6 trials across the Cisco CMTS platform.  At Comcast customer experience is paramount, as such we plan on expanding support for IPv6 incrementally.  We will continue to provide updates as the deployment and enablement of IPv6 progresses.